Lights, Camera, Student Voice: Using technology to address and explore economics within the C3 Framework

Jennie M. Carr, John Kruggel


Instructional technology has been found to have a positive impact on many aspects of the academic experiences including: student engagement, interest, student voice, and achievement. The aim of this study was to explore an elementary teacher’s perceptions of the use of Flipgrid when teaching economics concepts using the C3 Framework.  A qualitative methods approach was used to interview an elementary teacher to answer the following research questions on teaching economics in the elementary setting: 1) How does Flipgrid promote student voice? 2) How does Flipgrid assist teachers instructionally? 3) How does Flipgrid impact student engagement and student learning? The findings indicate when teaching economics in an elementary setting Flipgrid promotes student voice and positively impacts student engagement and learning. Second, Flipgrid’s intuitive platform was easy for both students and teachers to use.


C3 Framework, 5Cs, instructional technology, Flipgrid

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