A Glimpse Inside: Considering the Impact of Curriculum Outcomes and Personal Ideology on Social Studies Pedagogy: A Study Summary

Gregory R.L. Hadley, David C. Young


This article summarizes the research findings of a Master of Education thesis that aimed to find meaningful answers to the following central question: To what extent, if any, are there pedagogical differences between Social Studies educators who self-identify as ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’? This study explored how those who self-identify as being on the left (liberal) of the so-called political spectrum would deliver specific social studies curriculum and conversely, how those who identify as being on the political right (conservative) would deliver course content. Ultimately, these questions will serve to present a clear understanding of the extent of political liberties taken by public school social studies teachers, their implications and potential impact on student learning and political understandings.


social studies, indoctrination, history, ideology

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