Textbook Coverage of the Destruction of the Armenians

David H. Lindquist



            Despite its importance as the event that established that the 20th century would be known as “the age of genocide,” the destruction of the Armenians that occurred between the mid-1890s and 1923 is given marginal coverage in contemporary high school history textbooks. This article critiques that coverage, identifying the overall flow of the information that is presented while noting several instances in which information is presented in an underdeveloped, confusing, or contradictory manner. It then makes several suggestions about topics that should be included in expanded coverage of the Armenian situation, thus ensuring that students develop accurate perspectives about this critical event.

Key Words

            History, study and teaching


            Ethnic conflict

Textbooks and teaching history

            Teaching controversial issues


History, study and teaching; genocide; ethnic conflict; textbooks and teaching history; teaching controversial issues

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